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Green Economy North to Recognize Environmental Leaders at Second Annual Evening of Recognition


Sudbury business owners and residents are invited to the second annual Green Economy North Evening of Recognition, Thursday April 12th, 2018 at the Holiday Inn. This event will celebrate the people and businesses in the community that have committed to lower their greenhouse gas emissions, and find ways to make less of an impact on the environment. Awards will be presented to select Green Economy North members, and also community-nominated Environmental Champions.

“We had so much fun at last year’s celebration,” said Leigha Benford, Communications Director for Green Economy North. “This year is going to be even better, with a bigger membership, and way more carbon-reduction projects on the go. We’re excited to announce our award winners, and show just how proud we are of the entire membership for making a commitment to lower their environmental footprint.”

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Sudbury Organizations Partner to Offer Support for WEVCIP

Sudbury- Green Economy North, Greater Sudbury EV Association, FLO, and Brad Davis Constructive Trades Ltd. have partnered to promote The Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP) in Greater Sudbury.

This program, which is part of the larger Climate Change Action Plan, was developed to increase the number of electric vehicle charging opportunities in Ontario, and encourage the electrification of transportation. The WEVCIP can help employers and commercial building owners and managers install up to two electric vehicle chargers for their employees or workplace tenants. Total funding provided is 80% of the initial cost (up to $7500 per charging space), subject to eligibility and technical requirements.


Photo Caption: (left to right) Brad Davis, Owner of Brad Davis Constructive Trades Ltd., Devin Arthur, President/Founder of Greater Sudbury EV Association, and Richard Eberhardt, Program Director of Green Economy North meet at the charging station at Science North.

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Iconic Northern Workshop Strives for Green Christmas

NORTH POLE: Santa’s workshop received a sustainability overhaul in time for Christmas.


With Christmas Eve just around the corner, operations at Santa’s North Pole workshop are in full-swing. In addition to annual toy production goals, Santa is proud to announce that he has made dramatic changes to his workshop to enhance sustainability and reduce his carbon footprint.

Green Economy North, based in Sudbury Ontario, was thrilled to work with North Pole Facilities Manager Marvin Elf on this exciting project.

“Up here at the North Pole, we understand the importance of improving our carbon footprint,” said Marvin. “We don’t just build toys; we are building a better future for children all over the world. We’re pleased to say that the improvements our Green Christmas Team made this year resulted in big savings on the big man’s bottom line.”

IMAGE: Energy Manage Chris Blackmore looking for efficiency opportunities with Marvin Elf, Facility Manager

(photo credit: Flickr: nicole_writes, Cassidy McAuliffe)

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Five Northern Ontario Municipalities Commit to Climate Action

Several Northern Ontario communities are making sustainability a priority, with the help of Green Economy North. Starting this fall, the towns of Blind River, Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, Gore Bay, Sables-Spanish Rivers and Billings Township will participate in community-based projects that will help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Green Economy North to Recognize Sustainable Businesses, Environmental Champions at Evening of Recognition

Green Economy North to Recognize Sustainable
 Businesses, Environmental Champions, at Evening of Recognition

Sudbury residents are invited to a ‘Green Gala’ to celebrate Earth Day, and local businesses who are making the environment a priority. Business, community and environmental leaders will gather on Thursday April 20th for the first Green Economy North Evening of Recognition. The event, held at College Boreal, will recognize individuals and organizations that have made strides toward sustainable business, including this year’s Environmental Champions.

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Small Business Can Reduce Sudbury’s Carbon Footprint: Report

Small Business Can Reduce Sudbury’s Carbon Footprint: Report
Business Energy and Emissions Profile Describes Impact, Opportunity of Environmental Sustainability for Small & Medium Businesses.



March 28, 2017
For Immediate Release

SUDBURY- A newly released study shows Sudbury’s small business community can have a big impact on our community’s carbon footprint.

Green Economy North, Sudbury’s sustainability program for business, released the city’s first Business Energy and Emissions Profile at a briefing Tuesday.

“No one has quantified, until now, the carbon footprint of Sudbury’s small and medium-sized businesses,” said Richard Eberhardt, Program Manager of Green Economy North. “This new data shows that businesses of all sizes can play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time, make major operational savings.”

Focusing on the energy use and emissions of 3,000 of Sudbury’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the report studies businesses which are not required to report under the provincial Cap and Trade legislations.

These business, employing over 51,000 Sudburians, have a combined total emissions of 254,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Depending on the industrial sector, the emissions come from a combination of space heating, vehicle use, electricity consumption, and waste disposal.

Green Economy North works with organizations of all sizes to reduce annual emissions while increasing competitive advantage.

“By setting a target of 20% or more, we can have a huge impact on the overall sustainability of the city - and it’s possible.” says Eberhardt “This report breaks down both the business case and the most effective strategies for smaller businesses to make real changes.”

Green Economy North has calculated that reducing Sudbury’s emissions from SMEs by 20% would save 50,800 tonnes of CO2 per year, an amount equivalent to:

• the energy needed to power 5,400 homes,
• OR taking 10,700 cars off the road.

The second of its kind in Ontario, the report was produced with the expertise of Climate Smart BC, which has released similar documents in Victoria, Vancouver, and York Region.

“Businesses measure what matters, and increasingly carbon footprint matters,” says Rebecca Danard, Executive Director of reThink Green. “Small businesses are essential to our economy, and we will continue to work with them to help them think long-term when it comes to environmental sustainability.”

The Business Energy and Emissions Profile is available as both an interactive dashboard and a comprehensive report, and can be accessed at:

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Nominate Sudbury’s Environmental Champion of the Year

Green Economy North is seeking nominations for Environmental Champion of the Year.

This award will recognize individuals in Greater Sudbury that are working to improve their organizations environmental sustainability.  Green Economy North has put the call out to business operators and institutions looking for nominations.


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The Sustainability Advantage for Sudbury’s Industrial and Mining Sectors

The Sustainability Advantage for Sudbury’s Industrial and Mining Sectors was held on February 22, 2017 at the TownePlace Suites in Sudbury. This event was presented by Green Economy North, Sudbury’s business sustainability program.  Jody Kuzenko, Director of Refining for Ontario Vale, opened the workshop with comments about Vale’s continuous commitment to lower emissions, and the successful programs that have helped improve Vale’s carbon footprint. 

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Low Carbon Diet a New Year’s Resolution for Sudbury Businesses

Six more businesses have resolved to lower their carbon emissions in 2017.

Green Economy North is a growing network of organizations working to achieve an economic benefit for going green. Program Manager Richard Eberhardt welcomed six members ready to get started in the New Year.

 “We are very excited to be at the hub of this growing low-carbon economy, which is growing across all of Sudbury’s sectors,” said Eberhardt. “From the Theatre Centre to local churches, major mining companies to small print shops - every business can measure, manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and find cost savings.”

The TownePlace Suites by Marriot is one of the largest of Green Economy North’s new members.

“Being environmentally sustainable makes good business sense,” said Xavier Icardo, Towneplace Suites General Manager. “We have areas that we’d like to work on, like better organic recycling, but we’re already making strides toward a more sustainable operation with basic recycling, controls, goals and green teams already set up. I hope to see other businesses make it their New Year’s Resolution to join Green Economy North.”

 Kaleb2.jpg xavier_(1).jpg

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Wahnapitae First Nation joins growing Green Economy network

Green Economy North is excited to add Wahnapitae First Nation to its growing membership.

 “We are thrilled to welcome Wahnapitae First Nation the 10th member of our program, and as the first indigenous organization in our Ontario-wide network,” said Richard Eberhardt, Program Manager. “Wahnapitae First Nation has an excellent reputation among local Indigenous organizations for its commitment to sustainable development.”

 Working with Green Economy North, Wahnapitae First Nation will measure and manage its energy usage and carbon emissions, and will set a target for reductions.

“Wahnapitae First Nation recognizes the importance of relationship building, and we continuously work with industry, government and First Nation bodies to foster effective positive relationships that support principles of sustainable development,” said Jolene Recollet, Economic Development Officer for the community. 


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