Hia Media Inc.

Hia Media Inc. is a graphic design and creative production company located in Whitefish, Ontario.

“Whatever we can do now to reduce our energy use is savings we can take to the bank.”

- Skye Little, President

Current Milestone
Onboarding: Members learn about the program, and identify immediate sustainability goals and support needs.
Developing: Members gather data about sustainability performance, set a baseline year, and prepare to report on metrics.
Reporting: Members measure and publicly report on sustainability metrics, and prepare detailed action plans.
Targeting: Members set a public sustainability target and implement action plans.

Total Emissions: An inventory of all sources of greenhouse gas emissions is the total amount of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent produced over the entire business operation, compiled to ISO 14064-1 standard. For comparison, 5.23 Tonnes of CO2 are emitted by the average passenger vehicle in one year.

2016 Total (CO2e): 35.94t  

Scope 1 Emissions: These emissions come from direct release of greenhouse gases, primarily from the consumption of fossil fuels from space heating or vehicle use.

  2016 Scope 1: 33.45t

Scope 2 Emissions: Electricity consumption requires generation. A share of Ontario’s energy grid comes from fossil fuel generation, and this share is reflected in Scope 2, or “energy indirect” emissions.

2016 Scope 2: 2.49t


Uses an energy-efficient, electricity-based water-source heat pump to heat and cool the combined business and residential property.

Diverts virtually all solid waste, and is the first creative production company in Sudbury to recycle coroplast waste.

Buys the most energy efficient equipment possible, including manufacturing equipment and business vehicles.