Morin Industrial Coatings Ltd.

Morin Industrial Coatings Ltd.

Morin Industrial Coatings is a blasting and coatings company with shop and field operations. They boast a state of the art facility that has one of the largest paint booths in Eastern Canada. Morin has a variety of mobile dust collection units, vacuum systems and specialized shop and field teams to complete all projects. Morin does not use Silica sand in any of their blasting. Without government regulations mandating Morin to become Environmentally compliant, their company has initiated these changes independently and have obtained EPA419 approval.

“Sustainability is important to our company, because the goal of business is to be there long term. Morin wants to pass onto future generations a business that can achieve their goals, meet time-lines and reduce our environmental impact.”

- Rick Morin, President

Current Milestone
Onboarding: Members learn about the program, and identify immediate sustainability goals and support needs.
Developing: Members gather data about sustainability performance, set a baseline year, and prepare to report on metrics.
Reporting: Members measure and publicly report on sustainability metrics, and prepare detailed action plans.
Targeting: Members set a public sustainability target and implement action plans.


Recycling, reclamation and reusing blast media. Approx. 300,000 lbs of waste material removed monthly from landfill sites.

Decreasing our hydro consumption with the installation of new equipment.

Changing all lighting to LED.