Our Team

Richard Eberhardt | Program Director

richard.eberhardt@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.100

Richard Eberhardt engages a background in strategic communications, service development, and grassroots organizing to establish a network of sustainable businesses in Sudbury and Northeastern Ontario. Working with Sustainability CoLab and the reThink Green team, Richard is establishing the first target-based sustainability program in the North. He brings an extensive knowledge of local and regional organizing from many years as assistant to a local Member of Parliament, as a political operative, and as an active member of Sudbury's not-for-profit community. He is a board director for a number of environmental and social organizations, and has previously been a member of reThink Green's board. Father to Reese and Rowan. He also finds time to share musical talent with local choirs.

Rebecca Danard | Executive Director

rebecca.danard@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.101

Rebecca Danard is passionate about finding collaborative solutions to environmental challenges. Using extensive experience in non-profit leadership, project management, and event planning, she connects grass roots groups, non-profits, businesses and government agencies to ideas, partnerships, and resources. By using creative, innovative, data-driven strategies and tools, she works to build a sustainable community in Greater Sudbury and beyond. Rebecca also recruits and supports members of the Forge: the co-working space that reThink Green operates as a social enterprise. Through Green Economy North, powered by Sustainability CoLab, Rebecca helps businesses and organizations maximize the benefits for becoming more sustainable. Also interested in education, Rebecca mentors interns and academic placements at reThink Green. Rebecca is a trained professional musician, and plays principal clarinet in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra.

Scott Florence | reThink Green Managing Director

scott.florence@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.101

Scott brings 25+ years of experience in the sector to the reThink Green team. A lover of creative and innovative approaches and data-driven tools and strategies, Scott uses his leadership, project management, and event management skills to inspire great teams to do great things. Passionate about community, Scott believes that solutions and sustainability begin locally. Scott is involved with the Sudbury arts and culture industry, where he has worked as a General Manager, actor, director, creator and teacher. Father to Raphaël, Scott is delighted to be working with a company that is leaving a sustainable green future for the generations to come.

Leigha Benford | Communications Director

leigha.benford@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.103

Leigha Benford is an environmental communications specialist with experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. She oversees communications, engagement, outreach, and event planning for reThink Green and Green Economy North. She also leads the team responsible for the annual Greater Sudbury Earth Festival. She holds a degree in Bio-Resource Management/Environmental Management from the University of Guelph, and a graduate diploma in Science Communication from Laurentian University.

Cassidy McAuliffe | Member Profile Officer

cassidy.mcauliffe@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.100

Cassidy McAuliffe works with Green Economy North Members to produce short videos that highlight their sustainability efforts. She designs communication pieces, including the Annual Report. With a degree in Environmental Studies from Laurentian University, and a graduate diploma in Environmental Visual Communication from Fleming College in partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum, Cassidy uses her expertise in Environmental Communications to raise the profile of the Green Economy North program and its members. Cassidy is also an avid outdoor lifestyle photographer who loves to explore trails accompanied by a thermos of coffee.

Chris Blackmore | Technical Manager

chris.blackmore@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.100

Chris Blackmore works with Green Economy North members to create emission baselines, and performs sustainability audits on their facilities. He works alongside the members to produce action plans that help them create their sustainability goals. Chris focuses on providing technical support and solution to our members. He holds a diploma in electrial engineering technology from Nova Scotia Community College, a degree in engineering and applied science from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a post-graduate diploma in environmental monitoring and impact assessment from Cambrian College. Chris enjoys exploring new places and fishing.

Raili Lakanen | Sustainability Planner

raili.lakanen@rethinkgreen.ca | 705-674-1685 x.100

Raili Lakanen is coordinating the community energy planning project and overseeing member engagement for Green Economy North. Raili devotes project facilitation and research skills to assist member identification of sustainability goals, partnership and funding opportunities, and long-term energy plan development. Raili has a Master’s degree in Planning from the University of Toronto and is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on the climate justice movement in Canada. She also has experience in environmental advocacy and teaching at the university level. Raili is thrilled to have returned to live and work in her hometown of Sudbury.