Iconic Northern Workshop Strives for Green Christmas

Santa’s workshop received a sustainability overhaul in time for Christmas. With Christmas Eve just around the corner, operations at Santa’s North Pole workshop are in full-swing. In addition to annual toy production goals, Santa is proud to announce that he has made dramatic changes to his workshop to enhance sustainability and reduce his carbon footprint.

Green Economy North, based in Sudbury Ontario, was thrilled to work with North Pole Facilities Manager Marvin Elf on this exciting project.

“Up here at the North Pole, we understand the importance of improving our carbon footprint,” said Marvin. “We don’t just build toys; we are building a better future for children all over the world. We’re pleased to say that the improvements our Green Christmas Team made this year resulted in big savings on the big man’s bottom line.”


IMAGE: Energy Manage Chris Blackmore looking for efficiency opportunities with Marvin Elf, Facility Manager

(photo credit: Flickr: nicole_writes, Cassidy McAuliffe)





The first major change that Marvin’s Green Christmas Team initiated was changing all of the old workshop windows to new, energy efficient models. Then, all traditional Christmas lights inside and outside the shop were converted to new LED strings. Over the summer months, the insulation in the workshop was upgraded and all drafts were located and sealed.

“We took a full-building approach to this project,” said Chris Blackmore, Energy Manager at Green Economy North. “As you can imagine, it was challenging to work on such an important heritage building. But Marvin and the Green Christmas Team did a great job implementing new technology and ideas.”

One of the Green Christmas Team’s major roles was engaging the rest of the workforce in sustainability projects. A major hit with the rest of the elves was turning down the shop thermostat a few degrees, and encouraging ugly Christmas sweaters. Each elf was also given a reusable mug for hot chocolate and cider enjoyment throughout the workday. The elves recently declared that all wrapping paper would be 100% post-consumer, recycled product.

“I understand the importance of doing my part,” said Santa during a special interview. “Climate change is a problem that requires many solutions, and everyone has to share the responsibility. I’ve even added environmental criteria to my naughty and nice list, so you better watch out!”

Sustainability upgrades won’t end on New Year’s Eve. Marvin has confirmed that plans for 2018 include a cookie composting program, solar capture during the summer, and a brand new hybrid sleigh that will function entirely on electricity, reindeer power, and Christmas spirit.

“This project truly shows that regardless of your business type, you can benefit from carbon-reduction projects,” said Richard Eberhardt, Program Director for Green Economy North. “We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!”

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