Wahnapitae First Nation

Wahnapitae First Nation is a small Anishinabek community located north of Greater Sudbury. The WFN Centre of Excellence houses all administrative facets of the community including health services, housing services, community development and sustainable development services.

Current Milestone
Onboarding: Members learn about the program, and identify immediate sustainability goals and support needs.
Developing: Members gather data about sustainability performance, set a baseline year, and prepare to report on metrics.
Reporting: Members measure and publicly report on sustainability metrics, and prepare detailed action plans.
Targeting: Members set a public sustainability target and implement action plans.


Hosted “Sharing a Sustainable Future” in October 2016 to highlight their approach to sustainable resource development. This was an event to bring together technicians from other First Nations to share ideas.

Operates “Sustainability Superheroes”, a land-based learning program for youth, and hosted a number of events in 2016 to teach them about sustainable development and environmental issues.